Letter to PM Modi

Dear Honourable & Respected PM Modi Ji,

Sub: an open Letter to you on my call of Duty towards India.

I’ve still not decided about my political alligence. I believe in a Leader, I went for BJP earlier once because of Atal Ji and 2014 because of Modi Ji’s promising agendas. I truly believed that:

1. US$ would be ₹50

2. Indian GDP would go up by 25% in matter of 4 Years

3. India would be I Tax Free country as income Tax is the smallest contribution to Indian Government collections.

4. Terrorism, Militancy & Border deaths of our Army Jawans has been the highest in 2017 summer despite tge hopes that DeMin would crippled them.

5. DeMonitisation has crippled the cashflow and industries are crumbling and people losing jobs and this has noting to do with black money.

6. Make in India has worked only for Baba Ramdev and Adani and Ambanis.

6. Digital India is for the benefit of the Ambanis only.

7. Cashless is a curse that is evaporating the cashflow.

8. Petroleum Prices are on the rise despite of low crude cost and GST on petroleum would benefit citizen but this has been deliberately been kept out of the GST Net.

All the above are only a few tge list could go on for more than 50 points, and all of them are corrective however, the orientation of BJP is absolutely misguided.

I’m convinced that BJP is very religious oriented and religion should be practiced inside the homes by everyone social fu croons must be celebrated outside by all together without hurting any one this means even namaz should either be inside mosques or homes and not allowed on streets, discussing religion or making cow a mother will not improve national economy! So why divert attention on hypermedia by emotionally entangling the cow that she’s our mother poor cow does not know that she’s our mother.

Im willing to help by being an active member of BJP by working on projects, else, I shall start a social blog where I will create enough following to ensure the Tsunami is created to make change which has to happen.

Modi Ji, im with you, you may take me in your team or I shall help you from outside and to you it will not appear helpful, but to the masses at large, it would certainly give momentum. Congress is not my solution! You are BJP or no BJP! We are Indians we are not Bhakts, not Bhakts are not DeshDrohis! So please do not try to scare us we are not afraid!

Jai Hind

Chandan Ghosh


Uncle White & Faith 

Hold my hand, the old man said in a soft voice but a very strong sound! The child next to him was afraid of the ferocious looking dog standing right in front of her! She was so afraid without looking she heard his voice and extended her arm toward the old man and put her tender little palm into the palm of the old man! She felt his palm and felt strength and courage come into her! His palm was strange, hard as stone yet felt like a glove almost made to fit! Strangely she looked up she had tears of fear in her eyes and her cheek were red due to the blood that flushed into them when the cruel large dog growled at her! But now she was no longer afraid when she saw his face! He was big and broad white long glowing hair and long flowing beard! 
Softly she asked him, who are you sir? Are you God! Thank you for being with me I was so afraid of that dog I thought he would kill me and eat me up! He said I’m no god my dear! I’m the answer to your thoughts! I’m known by many names! But you have met me many times, don’t you recognise me! Generally you imagine me in red thick clothes, but the weather now is not good for thick quilted clothes and fur! So I’m wearing a simple cotton attire! 
Come let me take you to your home! He lifted her Up and put her on his shoulder and started walking, she asked him how do you know where I live, and he replied you know which is your home and I can see it in your mind! Wow!!!! The little girl said and she was thrilled! Then she noticed that the big ferocious dog was following the old man! She told him softly in his ears Sir, the dog is following us! I’m afraid! Won’t it harm us? 
He said don’t worry he won’t harm you he’s my pet! Then She asked, then why did he growl at me? He said, he was doing his duty to bring you closer to me! It’s destined that I should be your guardian! 
Now the old man reached her home and he left her there and she said uncle please wait let me introduce you to my parents! And happily and excited she jumped inside the home shouting mommy daddddy! Both came hugged her and kissed her and their eyes were red and full of tears for they thought they had lost her! She said come meet the Uncle White, he brought me home! They ran to the door but could see no one and she saw him clearly smiling brightly at her and his eyes twinkling like stars the hair like the snow capped mountains and the beard like the waves of the ocean! But her parents couldn’t see him! And he walked away with his huge dog! 
As he left she heard him say, Sona I shall always be around you need have no fear! So she asked in her thought but who are you! He told her in her mind, you said it! I’m your uncle white! I shall be alive for you so long as you believe I am real! 
The family was very happy, the parents started calling everyone that Sona Moni has returned home and arranged a grand party for friends relatives and neighbours, for she was lost for over a month! 
When Sona’s Maa told her that she was lost for more than a month, she just could not believe, for Sona it seemed that she was only lost for 5 minutes when the huge dog growled! Just before that she was with her parents and somehow her parents left her and went away to some other shop whilst shopping but all this was just 5 may be 10 mins ago! More than a month??? Unbelievable! Can’t be true! 
At the party, everyone were very happy, hugging her cuddling her holding her! But no one gave her the feeling or the strength of Uncle White! She missed him, then she heard a silent voice in her mind! I’m here near you! Don’t worry and don’t try to tell anyone about me as they will not believe you! They will convince you to be imagining things and make you doubtful and you will lose me! 
SonaMoni was very good in painting and sketching! So she started sketching pictures of her Uncle White! Different portraits various sizes, she would lock herself in her room and paint and draw his sketches! She would roll them and keep them in her room!  
Sona was a well behaved girl, sweet, helpful, obedient, talented in singing and painting did her studies and her duties and always scored good marks! 
Eight years had passed since she had met Uncle White the first time now Sona was sixteen, a very important year for her studies for she would leave this school and go to another next year! There was an inter-school drawing / sketching competition held and Sona decided to participate, Sona went for the competition and started drawing when everyone finished and the drawings were put up! It seemed like there were no other painting except Sona’s, all eyes were fixed and riveted on Sona’s painting was mesmerising, it seemed so real, so alive almost as though he would come out of the paper and take real life form! Undoubtedly Sona won the competition, when the judges called her to take the prize, they asked her who is the person in the painting and what’s the meaning of the painting! 
Sona simply replied like a little girl, he is my Uncle White & his name is Faith the Dog next to him is Duty! The judges laughed loudly as they could not fathom the meaning of what SonaMoni said, it didn’t matter to Sona, but the news papers and the TV channels broadcasted and printed the news about SonaMoni and her Uncle White called Faith! 
When everyone heard of the news and her parents heard this too they asked her if she was well, Sona asked her, Maa, do you pray to God? Maa said yes I do, Baba, do you? Yes Sona I do! Then she said, have you met your gods you pray to? They said no god never shows himself to anyone! Then Sona said, no Maa, Baba, you pray but you lack Faith! 
I have Faith & my Uncle White is my Faith he will always be with me he is always with me! I don’t have to prove this to anyone nor can anyone disprove this to me! But I shall tell you, he’s been with me protecting me since I was lost when I was 8 years old! I’m going for a walk, you may like to look at the drawing and painting in my room in rolls and canvases! 
The parents went to Sona’s room and saw hundreds of paintings and sketches of various kinds of Uncle White she called Faith! Then they believed and realised that hope without faith and confidence without faith or prayer without fair is useless! 
It took a child’s innocence to teach a knowledgable adult about divine faith! Have Faith!

Manana Journey 

In 2012 I decided to quit my cushy Top Job to venture on my own, my 2 most trusted deputies whom I trusted like my sons joined me! I invested everything I had & gave them 30% equity each, I even handed them the Bank keys, they cheated me dry, stabbed me, left me standing with nothing! I was broken heared and emotionally wasted! 
It took me 1 year to pull myself together! Wife helped me Restart from scratch in 2013 & took shape in 2014! Today we have 2 Owned Offices, 16 people $1 Million invested in infrastructure, generated from business revenues! Earning monthly revenues of $ Million+ and growing from 4 product lines & companies registered in 4 countries! 

Yes we are a Startup! Self funded & debt free, wholly owned! 
We are the Grupo Manana! TEAM MANANA PIC BELOW:  

It’s Time!

Hi Good Morning!

It’s New Year, only 4 days have gone by in this New Year! I’m lying on my bed after a peaceful night’s sleep! Waiting for the maid to ring the bell and throw the key to her for her to come in and give a cup of tea!

My days are long starts early and ends very late beyond 2 am. I must get get more active and reach out! Do more, touch more, so much to do, how do I know? If I have the time and resources to complete all my items in my list! I have to!

Fortunate that, I’m awake and alive! We had a wonderful year in 2015, wonderful because we progressed and progressed immensely, not that there haven’t been downs and failures, not that we haven’t encountered losses and failures! But the measure of success is getting out alive happily and not on your knees because you have fallen, but on your knees because you are grateful!

It’s time! It’s time to do so much that’s left that the thought should take me and throw me out of bed and into a tizzy of actions that need to be started!

So it’s time to make my first move! I’m getting out of bed and starting my day! Stopping for now! I’ll try my best to post one small article every day or as frequently as possible! Till then, Hasta Manana!


The Fall Out of Paradise!

I started writing this on a serious note, however, it took a funny turn, without prejudice or any intent to make fun if any community or place, I present this story of the “Paradise Lost to land in God’s Own Country!”

Paradise lost – Kashmir

When God Made man, he chose the most beautiful place in the center of the earth and called it the “Garden of Eden”, he created man, the man was the same, different religions know him by different names! Adam in The Old Testament followed by the Christians, Jews and the Muslims, from the word Adam came the word Aadmi meaning man! The Hindus call the first man Manu from this came the word Manus! Again meaning human!

The place “The Garden of Eden” had immense beauty, lots of fruits and flowers with lists of lakes and hills around! What was this place!!! “Kashmir”

The most healthy and beautiful fruit “The Apple” was only the forbidden fruit to ensure complete submission of human to God! But man is a woman’s toy and defied the rule of the God listening to Eve & ate the forbidden fruit, “The Apple” and was thrown out of Eden by god!

When god banished Adam and Eve outside the Paradise! He cursed that this place would belong to “no one” and the residents would feel homeless! And for all history of time Kashmir has been in turmoil, despite full of wealth and beauty, it’s cursed and does not give a home to anyone just sadness of lost home!

On a humorous note, where did Adam & Eve go when they were driven out of Kashmir, they traveled south! Went as far as they could go and their final destination was “Paradise Found” “God’s Own Country – Kerala” the Apple was replaced by Coconut, the languages of the people of both lands is similar to other “incomprehensible” both of them live outside of their native land “Kashmiris don’t live in Kashmir & Keralites live in the Middle East!”

New Beginning!

I was afraid! That it was over! Actually, it was over!

I miss the pretenses, the false praises, the fake affinity! It made me feel so important! I felt so loved and important! It’s all over!

As it is a new beginning! The truth is now is real! Building Block by Block, Brick by Brick! Amongst real people no more thieves and cheats and fakes!

Every new beginning starts from scratch! It’s once again a green field! Only this time I have my very own around me!